Lockdown #3 Spring half term (part 1)

Well, here we are again in another lockdown and now at the end of the first half of the spring term and 6 weeks of homeschooling. I’m not sure where the six weeks has gone, it seems so long since he returned to school on Monday 4th January only for schools then to be closed from the 5th. I remember being as furious as the next parent at the government allowing children to return for one day to then have the rug pulled from under them… that is definitely one way to really mess with children’s mental health! Our Headmistress was furious too! She would be quite happy to open the school up to all children.

Anyway, here we are 6 weeks on and we survived. We are keeping everything crossed that they’ll only be two more weeks of homeschooling after the half term before they can return. I’m sure it will be a staggered return as it was last June but for us that means James will return being in year 1.

Things to be thankful for this time round:

  1. preschools remaining open
  2. snow
  3. google classrooms!
  4. amazing teachers and teaching assistants
  5. homeschooling childcare bubbles!

Thankfully this time pre-schools have been allowed to remain open so I’ve only had one at home to homeschool. I’m not saying it has been easy but it has been easier only having one and being able to form a homeschooling childcare bubble with his best friend and online live phonics lessons with his year groups has allowed some limited social interaction with his peers. On the whole I am very proud of how James and I have risen to the challenge of homeschooling this time round and (largely) maintained our sanity.

I also have to thank Maddie Moat and Gregg Foot at @letsgolive for continuing their live science broadcasts on YouTube, you have been amazing and no doubt will continue to be.

Here’s a few photos of what we have been up to:

James also started Beavers this term and although the meetings are by zoom he has really enjoyed it and has already earned his space badge!

As for me, well I started the IHGS Diploma in Genealogy on 27th January although this is going to be a very slow process to start with until the archives reopen, figures crossed we start coming out of this lockdown after easter. I am very much looking forward to getting stuck into some portfolio research pieces and a given research task.

I have also taken the very difficult decision to cease taking any large projects of work in 2021 due to the currect circumstances with Covid-19 and the uncertainty of the months ahead. My aim for this years is to concentrate on home, family life and my studies with the ultimate aim to relaunch a new website and new research services in January 2022.

In the meantime, my blog will continue intermittently to chronicle my family’s life during these strange and challenging times, and there may be the odd research/family history related blog associated with my studies 😉

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