Our Family (Un)lock down summer blog

And just like that they’re back at school, six weeks of summer holidays gone in a heart beat and it definitely feels for us as though life is very much back to normal – our new normal – pubs, shops etc reopening has had very little if any impact on us (save for our week away – more below) as they are not activities regularly frequented by this household anyway! In fact I hate shopping in shops much prefer online shopping! It was very stressful taking the kids to our local Clarks shoe shop for their feet measuring and new school/preschool shoes. although I was very impressed with the set up in Clarks and definitely think they should keep their booking system for their busy periods for kids!

Its hard to believe it is almost 6 months since the country went into lock down, and we’re now counting down to a 4th and a 6th birthday and Christmas!

So how was your summer in this unlocking of society times? Ours, well it was quite quiet really spending the first four weeks in a family bubble with my parents who were finally able to bring their caravan down from Yorkshire to Surrey for their usual summer getaway with us. So nice to see them in person and spend to quality time with them for the first time since Christmas, the kids loved it! With the fabulous weather we had, they even got Nanna and Granddad in the swimming pool with them (and my mum can’t swim and is not keen on the water!) 😂❤

It was just unfortunate that the good weather didn’t last for our weeks away in Salcombe which had been booked way before lock down. The weather was cooler, a bit wet and by the end of the week rather windy! But the kids still had a great time especially rock pooling catching crabs, shrimps and even some small fish!

We have had a summer of confidence knowing we were Covid free having being randomly selected and agreed to take part in the Office of National Statistics Covid-19 testing survey, being tested on 5 consecutive weeks and now monthly for the next year. I know the survey is expanding so I would urge anyone who is selected to take the opportunity – not only does it give you some peace of mind that your are not asymptomatic but also helping the research into the spread of this virus.

So today is back to school/preschool day. They were so excited to be going back, although I think Rose wishes she was starting big school (she’ll be 4 two weeks today so just misses out this year!) 🤣


With them back at school and life feeling very much back to normal, I am enjoying a peaceful house – although hubby is working at home permanently now (save for one day a week) and having a couple of days to take some time for myself before its back to revision and countdown to me IHGS Higher certificate exam on 21st November, which was postponed from June and then on to the IHGS Diploma in Genealogy starting in January. In between I will still be taking on a limited amount of work to keep me ticking over and give me a break from the studies!

In the coming months, I will also be starting a series of blogs specialising in family history research and records available for your Surrey Ancestors, both online and in various archives. Not all records covering Surrey are available at the Surrey History Centre! So I have lots to keep my going and occupied so I don’t miss the kids too much 🤣❤

If you have ancestors from the Surrey or South East area and would like to find out more about them, check out my Research Services and Family Tree Packages pages to see how I can help.

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