Our family lock down blog – Schools out for summer

Well, it’s seven weeks since my last lock down blog but where has that time gone?! Its been a busy few weeks but on the whole with the easing of lock down measures and the kids being back at school and nursery it has felt pretty much like life has returned to normal in the Pettyfer household! Sometimes to the point you really do have to think about it on those occasional trips to the shops!

James has loved been back at school and I must say how impressed I am with how Cranleigh Church of England Primary School have managed and adapted to the measures and rules they have had to adopt, and how well the children have adapted to their ‘bubbles’ and generally just ‘got on with it! They are the only local school to have managed to get all their year groups back (even if only for the last two weeks) and full time. The teachers and staff have clearly worked very hard to adapt the school and their teaching practices. It is certainly a different end to James’s first year at school with us missing out on being able to attend events such as sports day, but the children have not missed out in fact they have had a sports week this week, just a shame we weren’t able to attend.

James got a great end of year report, and it’s amazing how much he has learnt in a year, even with 10 weeks of that been homeschooling! We wait with some anticipation what the new school year will bring!

I am equally as impressed with Acorn Nursery School which my daughter Rose had been back to two days a week. We were very lucky that she was able to return as the limited places were reserved for those starting school in September – Rose has another year yet, so she’ll be back at pre-school, but she will be soooo ready for school next year!

Rose and I have had some fun at home

We have also enjoyed some of our favourite places to visit as a family with the easing of lockdown…..Winkworth, Fishers Farm, Hatchland Park, Alice Holt Forest

And we are so pleased children’s outdoor play areas have been able to reopen 😁

We are now on countdown to a day out at Peppa pig world and our week in Salcombe and before you know it James will be starting year one and school, Rose will be starting pre-school and we’ll be applying for her school place for next September! But first, we are all very much looking forward to my parent coming down from Yorkshire with their caravan and forming our family bubble with them for a few weeks. Other than on Skype, it have now been seven months since we have seen them and it will be so nice for them and us to be able to spend some quality time ❤

As for me, on ‘my days off’ from being a mum I have been busy working on a large research project for a client, with shoemakers, weavers, bakers and publicans amongst some of the professions of the ancestors. Archives are now beginning to reopen albeit it with strict measures in place and limited numbers but it is good to know research will no longer be limited to resources available online once again. After the summer holidays I am looking forward to getting back to the wonderful smell of old documents.

In the meantime I also need to busy myself with revision for my postpones IHGS Higher Certificate exam now due to take place on 21 November with the hope of starting their Diploma course in January. So, it is going to be a busy but I’m sure lovely, summer and keeping out fingers crossed the second wave of Covid 19 is not as harsh on our society than the first 🤞🤔


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