Week 10 of our family lockdown – Spring Half Term week

Week 10 saw half term week from school and preparations for the much anticipated return to school for James and nursery for Rose. I don’t really know where the week went – fast! Thankfully with the nice weather much of it was spent is the garden and in our new pool – helping us to enjoy our staycation and trying not to remember that we should have been spending the week sailing the Ionian Islands in Greece 😥 The weather was such that it did keep reminding us – the sun and the mid/late afternoon breeze is just like the weather we have usually had in Greece at this time of year – the best sailing was always in the afternoon.

It was a pretty uneventful week. Rose did however get the hang of peddling her bike, now she just needs practice and the same confidence she has on her balance bike and hopefully she’ll be away without the stabilisers. 😊

We did have a couple of hours our on Wednesday with a nice walk on Holmbury Hill and a picnic. And Saturday we had a few hours and picnic out at Alice Holt Forest. Really good set up there the car park was strictly controlled to keep it half empty to ensure there were not too many people about and everyone we saw was keeping to the rules. In fact everywhere we have been, people seem to be adhering to the rules.

Of course we are now slowly coming out of lock down now and who know what will happen but for us nothing much will change, in fact the kids going back to school/nursery will mean it will feel pretty much back to ‘normal’ for us. I’m not one for going to the shops any way – I hate it would much rather shop online! so them opening will not change anything for us as a family, the only other thing we long await is the leisure centre being able to re-open so that the kids to restart their swimming lessons. And of course, we are all hoping parks and children/family themed places such as our beloved Fishers Farm are able to reopen for the school summer holiday.

I am a little late writing this blog, it now being two days into week 11 and James having started back at school yesterday. He was so excited bless him and less than half the class returned so even less of a worry – not that I was worried anyway (but I can understand those who are and haven’t sent their kids back – not criticism of anyone, each has to make there own judgement and decision, I am sure if I lived in some other parts of the country my decision would be different!). It was much quieter at home yesterday without him! Not as much squealing from Rose or the constant din of children playing 🤣😍 It was also nice to spend some time in our pool with just Rose, with James splashing all the time practising his swimming 🤣

They all came out of school with happy smile on their faces having had a great day and the teachers were all so proud of them and how well they had dealt with all the changes and rules. Rose is so looking forward to returning to nursery tomorrow (Wednesday) for a couple of days a week – and so am I – looking forward to having some time to actually do some jobs without the constant interruption 🤣😘

So here is our week in pictures….

Well, given we are somewhat back to normal for now I think this is the last of my weekly blogs for a while. They may return the the school summer holidays but for now I will reduce them to monthly blogs so Ill be back with out June blog in a few weeks.

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