Week 8 Our Family lockdown blog

Another week has gone by but at least now we can start to see some light at the end of the tunnel after the slight easing of the lock down rules last Sunday evening. I could ramble on now about everything that has happened on the covid-19/lock down/stray alert/media speculation causing the so called public confusion – I certainly wasn’t confused by the message! But I won’t ramble on as this is not a place for political debate but a blog recording my family’s experiences of covid-19.

What I will say is that I will be sending my son back to school on 1 June (or whenever they reopen) because what is clear is that this virus is not going away, we are going to have to adapt our lives and learn to live with it. Waiting for a vaccine – that may never come – is not an option, I for one do not want to put my life or my children’s lives on hold. Even if there is a vaccine, the virus is not going away, the only disease ‘successfully’ eradicated by vaccination is small pox, and there will no doubt be a major debate and concern about any vaccine (as there still are today about many of the long standing vaccines) meaning many people and children won’t get vaccinated in any event (I have seen such comments in social media), so lets start getting back into a new kind of normal as soon as possible.

I know this will be controversial and I can understand why some parents will not wish to send their children back to school and if we had anyone in our household in a high risk group then my view would be different so I certainly will not criticise any parent who does not send their child back to school when they reopen – it really does have to be an individual family decision.

Anyway, a part from me having a minor bump in the car (with an parked unattended vehicle) because the electronic handbrake failed in my rush to do something 😱🤦‍♀️🤬 which shook me up a bit, it has been a pretty ‘normal’ week. We have learned about Oceans with @maddiemoat, @gregfoot #letsgolive, made a rock pool, build a coral reef, painted more rainbows (they were fading fast in the sun!) and ocean pictures for out front window. James has been practising his writing, and building k’nex whilst Rose has been hibernating in her ‘Frozen’ tent 🤣🥰

Today (Sunday) we had our first trip out in the car a little bit further afield to get a change of scenery for the afternoon, the first time we have been out of our village of Cranleigh for over 8 weeks! And what a lovely afternoon explore and adventure we had round the historic 13th century ruin of Waverley Abbey, finding the largest Yew tree I have ever seen! Check it out below!

So, here is our week in pictures…..

and here’s looking forward to week 9 of lock down, and what will hopefully be our last week of homeschooling……

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