Our family lockdown blog week 7 and VE Day celebrations

Well, we are now at the end of week 7 and I almost forgot to write this weeks blog! Its been a bit of a tough week, not with the kids bit because I have been feeling exhausted and for three days my joints were aching – I felt very old! It did go through my mind that it may be this horrid virus but I developed no other symptoms and was fine after three days so I put it down to age/hormones/stress/life….🤣🤣🤣

My schooling for James this week revolved around VE Day although he did do some of his ‘proper’ school work. It was great – he learnt some new (difficult) words, such as fighting, celebrate and liberation. He also learnt who Winston Churchill was. I don’t think he really understood what WW2 was all about but he understood what VE Day was about – or PE Day as Rose (aged 3&1/2) says 🤣 I think they were just looking forward to the afternoon picnic tea on Friday afternoon in the front garden – something different.

I must say I found the day rather emotional, 2 minutes silence remembering my granddad and all my relatives who lived through WW2 in whatever capacity; listening to Winston Churchill’s victory speech and singing THE song of WW2 “We’ll meet again” … a song so appropriate for many times but especially in these times not knowing when we will be able to visit my parents again and/or vice versa. It’s going to be an emotional reunion when we can. I think!

It has been a lovely week weather wise, meaning lots of playing out in the garden and some long (well for the kids anyway) walks, from home of course.

What has been making my blood boil this week is the media… Its them not the politicians that are reporting speculation which some people take as gospel and truth and causing all the confusion the media say the public have about the lock down message at the moment. They are not reporting facts but speculating on what changing may be brought is and then they criticise the government and ask the same stupid questions time after time to get the same answer because there is no other! They try to trip the politicians up and twist everything they say. The public would not be confused as the media suggest we are (I’m not – stay at home remains the message as I write this…what happens later is another thing!) if they stopped reporting such speculation! It does not help the confusion!

Anyway, less of that! Here’s our week in pictures …….. ration books, air raid shelters, hop scotch, Morse code, baking…..and playing football in the street! What was really nice as well, is that his best friend, Lucy, lives in the cul-de-sac across the road from us which had their own social distancing street party to which we were invited for a short time allowing the kids to play football together – with us continuously enforcing the social distancing rule on them which was OK until we said goodbye and James and Lucy wanted to give each other a hug – the funny elbow handshake made up for it 🤣 It was great to see them have half an hour of ‘almost’ normality 😘💕

Graeme and James even found time on VE Day to repaint our front door and garage door….

Now we wait to hear Boris’s plans at 7 pm tonight for our slow move out of lock down 🤞 for a back to school date (albeit likely part time until the summer holidays)

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