Our Family lock down blog week 6

Well, we’re now into week 6 – gosh its actually gone quick really, its doesn’t seem like 6 weeks looking back!

We definitely started with renewed energy this week! Monday was a busy day. It started with James missing BBC bitesize for the 5 – 7 year olds because I went out early to get a bit of food shopping but he did see the 7 – 9 year old 20 minute lesson which was really interesting as it was about Henry VIII and his 6 wives – who knows the acronym D B D D B S? – I’ll leave it to you to work out!

It led to a bit of a family history lesson with me explaining that in many ways we had a lot to thank Henry VIII for as without his creation of the Church of England, we may not have many of the records we now use in family history research, in particular parish registers and records! That is where my lesson ended (well he is only 5!) but of course Henry VIII also has a lot to answer for – persecution of Catholics etc but who knows how history would have unfolded had it not been for his stubbornness to divorce Catherine of Aragon? An interesting thought!

Anyway, here’s a few pics and videos of our week….

Games courtesy of Lets Go Live @maddiemoate

So it has possibly been the best week so far despite the rain! I think the fact we’ve had all the mini maker stuff to do has helped! Treasure hunts for numbers and letters round the house have gone down well 👍 We even found a brilliant website were you can watch various animals live in aquariums, nature reserves etc! We were watching Tigers on Tuesday afternoon!

I’m also starting to think ahead to next week and the 75th VE day celebrations, I don’t know what the school have got planned but I really hope they have a VE Day themed homeschooling pack for us …. if not well, I have found loads of brilliant resources online and I intend to have a week of VE Day themes for the kids – colouring, creating bunting, baking some 1940’s recipes, songs etc. I’m quite excited about it!

I also want to spend some time preparing details of what my husband and my grandparents did in WW2 …watch this space for related blogs!

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