Our family lock down blog week 5

I can’t believe we’re into week 5 of lock down, and three more weeks until there may be able change. I’m really hoping the kids will go back to school for the last half term (at the beginning of June). I think they will after all they have (or at least primary schools have) in a number of Europe countries (or are planning to in the next couple of weeks). It would be so nice for the kids to see their friends and end their school year properly before the summer holidays, which the government have already said will not change.

For now it’s back to homeschooling for 6 weeks until half term. BBC Bitesize started today with small chunks of curriculum based education aimed at specific age groups. James loved starting the day with that this morning, even Rose watched it! Another bonus this week – we get two slices of Maddie Moat – Lets Go Live in the morning and the new series of her “Do You Know” series on cbeebies. She really is brilliant, even I learn so much! 😁

Also will do our best to follow the timetable set by the teachers this week in the hope that it gives us a bit more structure….maybe not to the day but at least to the learning!

It was also time on Monday to make the now unavoidable trip to the supermarket to do some food shopping – we have managed two weeks but the cupboards were getting rather bare😂 Lunchtime is definitely the best to go – no queue and plenty of stock – there was nothing I didn’t manage to get albeit that on some items I had to buy a more expensive version but at least we should be ok now for another two(ish) weeks! It’s amazing how much more food we go through when we’re all home 24/7!

We did have a great time making paper mache and covering an empty plastic bottle – recycling 👍 Can you guess what we’re going to make…..all will be revealed later in the week when it’s dry and possibly coloured……….

The homeschooling theme for this week is the wonderful story “We’re going on a bear hunt” – so we recreated it….

This was great fun, they went round about 4 times! I did film them three times but this was the best. It was hilarious! They also did maps and a James did a story board….

Well, it’s Wednesday already – half way through the week – and homeschooling continues with sharing and halving

With yet more cake and bun baking too! At least the weather is warming up again albeit windy! We seem to be getting into a routine this week of homschooling in the morning with play/creative time in the afternoon (largely anyway!).

I did enjoy a run this morning on my own and I bet my personal best for my little 5k circuit – 22 mins! (previously 25 to 30 mins) Definitely getting fitter (I think!🤣) although really felt the hayfever this morning though in my breathing….whilst I like the warmer sunny weather I hate the pollen that comes with it!

I also managed to get my first watercolour painting done today in my little book I got at xmas – out in the garden whilst watching the kids play 😉 I am impressed with myself as never really been that good at painting!

So it’s now Sunday and the end of week five of lockdown and week 1 of the summer homeschooling term! What a week it has been. James seemed to lose interest in schooling after Wednesday even though we’ve only really been doing school work in the morning!

Not really sure what we have done in the second half of the week! Thursday morning Rose had a screaming melt down when we were moving the trampoline – I stood her on the mat we have on the ground round the ladder to the trampoline and she started scream because of ants – there were none about but she really lost the plot! 😱😵 She is turning into a bit of a diva at the moment! Maybe she’s missing the one to one attention she had got used to on the days she was at home with me and James was at school….. its hard to give each of them that one to one attention at the moment – both here all the time with just me most of the time to do things with them even though Graeme is working at home. I find I’m getting so tired by the latter half of the week. Why can’t they just do things on their own without needed one of us to interact with them all the time. I’m sure when I was a child, my brother and I didn’t have mum and dad playing with us all the time???

School are setting work in a different way this next week, rather than been in year groups it will be by key stage so we will see what that brings and whether it helps James maintain more interest in school work for longer. Waiting for the information to go on the website – why they wait until what feels like mid morning on a Monday to put it up and not on a Friday so we can get organised is beyond me and frustrating but hay ho! Lets just hope they;re back at school part time in some way after spring bank half term!

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