Week 4 Our Family lock down blog

Easter Sunday was hard for me – I was extremely tried having spent Saturday night in the tent with Rose – she slept brilliantly. Me – didn’t sleep a wink! 🥱😴😥 BUT, here we are at the start of the 4th week of Covid-19 lock down. It’s Monday 13th April 2020 – Easter Monday – and my last day to get some research done before Graeme is back at work (from home) tomorrow and I’m back in charge of the kids 🤣😂

It started well, getting back into running after a week off because my knees were suffering from too much playing on the trampoline with the kids! and having my own brick wall break through which felt like a minor eureka moment – those family researchers will understand I’m sure! A great start to the week. Now I need to go through the rest of my 300+ DNA matches and family tree and check where there may be errors in my early research or new leads to trace family further back. I think I’ve already found on error which I need to follow up!

I also started to get organised with paperwork, printing off and cataloguing numerous lecture/workshop/webinar notes from various events last year – many from Rootstech London which, despite having a ticket, a missed because the kids were both poorly and just wanted mummy! Still haven’t read most of them but at least now there is more of a chance with them printed off – I hate reading stuff on the computer screen!

Also getting a bit more organised ready for revision for my IHGS exam which is supposed to take place on the 13th June – still no definite decision if/when it will go ahead or be postponed until later in the year/November. I was really psyched up for it before all these new restrictions on our lives, with a revision timetable set out for when the kids should have been returning back to school/preschool next week (after the Easter hols) and in some ways I still hope it goes ahead sooner rather than later but on the other hand, I really can’t see when I’m going to get any meaningful revision in at the moment until the schools are allowed to go back so also hoping it is postponed!

As for the kids, well they’ve not been too back this week. James joined me for my run on Wednesday morning – he was on his bike not running with me! 🤣 It did slow me up a bit and I’m not sure it will happen every time but it was good for him I think.

With the weather not been quite as sunny and warm this week we’ve been inside a bit more. James has got back into doing a bit of school work and has really enjoyed the dino week with Lets Go Live with Maddy and Greg making his own fossil rocks and mummy and baby dinosaur

I have also had them back in the kitchen baking…..oh the diet we will all be on when life starts to get back to normal 🤣🤣🤣

We’ve also been making a different use for jenga blocks and started a new lego tower challenge

On Friday morning, James decided he wanted to try and run with me rather than cycle along with me….he managed half a km! 🤣 and decided he’d come on his bike with me in the future…but at least that’s his physical education sorted! 🚲

The weekend gave me a chance to catch up and complete my revision notes, spurred on by a virtual AGRA South Central networking meeting on Friday. After a few technical glitches! it was lovely to see everyone and catch up. Looking forward to more in the future until we can all meet again in person. I feel rather ‘out of’ the genealogy world at the moment, with little time and space to crack on with revision leaving me feeling rather deflated about the whole thing! Hopefully some virtual revision sessions can be organised with my revision group and spur me on again!

I did get time for a further look at my DNA ancestors over the weekend and checked out some of the virtual family tree live lectures – so sad that such a great event had to be cancelled in the fantastic building that is Alexander Palace. There will always (hopefully) be next year.

I am getting there (I think) with understanding the DNA ancestry although, to be honest, I’m really not that interested in it other than to break down any brick walls. It is great for checking your traditional research is correct, but again going back in time, the connections are only as good as the paper trail research. It is always tempting to accept research of others where there are a large number of trees with the same information but there is always the risk that many of those trees have just copied from each other and not actually done the paper research themselves….if there are no sources, do not accept it …is my motto! Do the research yourself, otherwise what fun is there in it?

I also got to practice some calligraphy – I won’t say ‘skill’s yet as they are definitely in training! Although I discovered that to practice properly I do need some proper calligraphy paper that does not cause the ink to bleed…..amazon shopping! 🤣

I also finished my first Nathan Dylan Goodwin novel “The Missing Man” which I was bought for my birthday. A great read thoroughly enjoyed! Can’t wait to get started on my next – “The Stirling Affair” also bought for my birthday 😁 I guess I know what sill be on my xmas list!

Monday is the start of the summer school term, so it’s back to homeschooling…..lets see how this goes!

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