Our family history 2020 skools out for Coronavirus Blog Week 2

30th March

Well, here we go week 2 of schooling at home and the last week before the Easter Holiday begins….but I think the school work will continue throughout otherwise I’m not sure we’ll get back into it…and Dad is still working from home throughout so may as well. Every day at the moment feels like the school holidays really 😏

It was little frustrating this morning because James was keen to get going but the second school pack did not become available until about 930 …. ok that doesn’t sound late but when they’ve been up since 6 and raring to go ….its late!!!!

The other frustrating thing today was the weather….turned rather chilly and overcast with rain in the afternoon. Kids didn’t want to go outside so much today so entertaining them inside provide a little more difficult today. I did manage to get them our for a walk/bike ride in the afternoon before the rain came πŸ‘ Typical Rose though, set off on her balance bike and about 200 metres later she wanted to walk!!!!! 😣

Me, well I managed to get enrolled on two transcription programs – one for the National Archives (Royal Navy 1st WW seaman service records) and one promoted by Who Do You Think You Are? magazine with Ancestry (transcribing various criminal records). Looking forward to getting started. I also enrolled on a free course about creating a social media marketing campaign with FutureLearn and the Pharos course “Deeds and Disputes” with Susan Moore to learn more about Chancery Court records and land disputes and the courts, the courts being of particular interest to me and an area I specialise in in respect of family history….starts 11 May so something to look forward to πŸ˜ƒ

The good news of the day was our Sainsbury’s food delivery following an email invitation I received from them on Friday to do an online delivery shop ….I’ve never been so excited about a shopping delivery …and we got toilet rolls and soap this time πŸ‘πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£

The bad news….Graeme is on reduced hours and salary of work – 4 days a week (flexible spread over the week given he’s working at home!) and 80% salary – so may have to tighten our belts a bit, but the good news about this social isolation and distancing is that we’re not spending any money taking the kids out etc so we may save money anyway !!!!!🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

Day 12 31st March

My daily exercise was in the form of an 8k run down the Down’s Link bridle path – really glad we live so close to it, great run. I guess there was one event worth reporting…..I decided to cut my own fringe – not quite sure what my hairdresser would think but I think it’s not a bad job

…. not confident enough to tackle my sons yet though – think his dads clipper may come in use there! Thankfully Rose’s hair can just keep growing for now!πŸ€£πŸ‘

Some school work was done…. and Rose practised her cutting skills

1st to 5th April

Well, I’ve decided to do weekly blogs from here on in…. Our days just aren’t exciting enough to do daily ones but of course if something exciting happens it will be a highlight! 😝

I must comment in the lack of April fools jokes about coronavirus… Whilst they would be in very poor taste I was expecting to see some on social media but I didn’t πŸ˜ƒ

It makes me sick to think of those disrespectful ignorants who have been spitting and coughing and peoples faces and they deserve the maximum penalty of 6 months in prison!

Also pleased the police have been handing out fines to those flouting rules as long as they are not too heavy handed with them.. Its not a money making exercise! Although to go out just to buy Easter eggs for the kids is not and essential shop! By all means buy them with the rest of your shopping but don’t risk disease just for Easter eggs! Your kids will not thank you for infecting them and the rest of the family!

What else has happened this week?

For the second Thursday running at 8 pm the country united in ‘Claps of Keyworkers’. Great to see so many of our neighbours out and lots of banging and clanging on pots and pans and cheers. I’m not sure if this is going to be a weekly event….and I’m not sure it should be…after a while does something like this not lose its sense of support and just become a ‘tradition’… and we know how lots of traditions end up losing their meaning???? Also, will people get ‘fed up’ of doing it and no longer turn out? Don’t get me wrong, it is a great show of support for our NHS, carers, teachers, supermarket/food store workers, chemists, delivery drivers, factory workers and all who are having to go out to work to keep the country going but when you then start seeing people trying to start campaigns for ‘claps for our children’ because of the way they are getting on the adjustments to their lives I just think it starts getting a bit silly?!

Again, don’t get me wrong it shows just how resilient our wonderful children are but having specialised in domestic abuse as a family law solicitor, I now all too well that for many children this is not a time to be clapping them because they will will be suffering. Yes schools are there for the most vulnerable, but what about the many children who fall below that radar but are vulnerable? And that is taking me away from the point and not a discussion I will get involved in now.

Needless to say I think the clapping, if it continues every week, although I will join in, will lose its effect and so important meaning.

Sunday evening and two news highlights – the Queen making a speech to the country, only the sixth time in her 68 reign that she has done so on any other day but Christmas Day. I have read many comments online both good and bad about her speech….essentially she is like marmite – you either love her or hate her – that is to say you are either a royalist or not! Oh how that harks back to the commonwealth gap years!!!! Anyway, one statement stood out for me, as I think it did for many others, and along with the reference to her childhood address to other children, it was a reference to war – this time it is a world war against a virus rather than other nations of the world….. WE’LL MEET AGAIN… a catchphrase and song synonymous with World War Two and now perhaps coronavirus.

And not longer after her speech…..another news update – our PM Boris Johnson is admitted to hospital for ‘routine’ tests following his continued battle with coronavirus. No he hasn’t taken a turn for the worse but is not recovering as expected, still having symptoms 10 days after testing positive. This is our PM, who I think has, thus far, done a sterling job leading the country through such difficult times. He has listened to his advisers, taken the steps necessary when necessary and has not tries to down play the seriousness of the situation or failed to follow his own advice to the rest of us….unlike Mr Trump, Mrs Calderwood…….I know from reading many comments online that even those who did not vote for him have supported him and praised him for his leadership in these hard times. I think he has proved himself as our PM and not the buffoon many people thought he was. God speed to your recovery Mr Johnson and hope to see you in press conferences again soon x

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