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Family history is much more than names and dates; it is about the people behind those names and dates and how they helped shape who and what we are today. Family History Finder specialises in genealogy and family history. What is the difference I hear you ask?

Put simply, genealogy is the “bare bones”, the names and dates of our ancestors; family history is the stories behind those names and dates, developing the lives and personalities of our ancestors.

My name is Sarah Pettyfer and I have been researching my own family history for almost 20 years. You can find out more about my background on my About page and my Blog page includes samples of family history biographies I have completed (although family history is never complete!) for my maternal male line.

I have a particular interest in family history before the start of census returns and civil registration, with a good knowledge of various specialist and sometimes complex, local record sources available both at local and national archives including Manorial and Ecclesiastical court records, Quarter Session records, Parish Chest and Poor Law records, Wills/Probate and Apprenticeship records amongst many others. These records can provide details of several generations of a family and help both support research already conducted, trace your family history further, and break down those brick walls.

My background (see About page) has also given me an interest in our criminal and maritime ancestors, I have a personal fascination with pirates and privateers!

Whether you are just starting out on your family history journey or have exhausted online research and need help taking you research to the next stage, I can offer both package and bespoke research to meet your requirements.

Being based in the south west of Surrey close to the borders with Hampshire and West Sussex provides easy access to the archives for all three counties, in addition to The National Archives and the various archives which cover London and Middlesex (such at the London Metropolitan Archives and the Society of Genealogists).

Visit my research pages to see how I can meet your requirements or contact me for further information, sarah@familyhistoryfinder.co.uk. I am always happy to arrange a call or video call to discuss your requirements further.

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